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"As a writer and producer, it was thrilling and moving to see Elena breathe life into one of my characters with such thoughtfulness. She is a very gifted actor and a true professional. I hope to work with her again soon."

-Tom Loveman, screenwriter/producer

"Elena is such a present and open actress who delivers engaging performances. She is a joy to work with and she has a bright career ahead of her."

-Alison Kohlhardt, director/actress

"The greatest ever."

-Andrew Ward, assistant director

"Watching Elena is a joy - it's not work, her acting is effortless. She's dedicated, to her craft and to being a team player. Any production would be smart to hire her."

-Rachanee Lumayno, producer/actress

"From the moment she walked in the door, Elena exuded professionalism and poise. She had good energy and clearly understood the role. We felt that out of all the actresses we saw she brought the most class to the role."

-David F., casting director

"Always well prepared and made choices that were ideal for the character. A natural."

-Cassandra R., casting director

"I can throw her anything and she get's it right away. Really good. I can't believe how quick she is. Funny Girl."

-John Stamos, you know another one?

"Very talented."

-Doug Warhit, actor/writer

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